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Web based proctoring is a strategy for exam invigilation where proficient proctors utilize webcams and mouthpieces to remotely administer understudies amid their exams. At Memorial, we utilize internet proctoring as a strategy for exam invigilation in chose courses for understudies that dwell outside of Newfoundland and Labrador. 
Watch this short video to perceive how web based proctoring functions: 
Understudies partaking in web based proctoring are not required to choose an exam chief, and can compose their exams at home or at any peaceful area with an Internet association. Exams are safely composed inside Brightspace (Online Proctoring Solutions), Memorial University's learning administration framework. Understudies likewise have the adaptability of picking an exam begin time that accommodates their calendar, inside a built up 24-hour accessibility window. 
Like written work exams in a classroom, understudies will be required to indicate both their Memorial Campus ID Card and an officially sanctioned personal ID to the proctor preceding taking the exam. To guarantee the protection of understudy data, all information is put away in a safe server farm in Canada and might be briefly put away in secure areas outside Canada to encourage exchange. 
Taking an interest understudies will require: 
A PC with 1 GB of RAM or higher 
A wired fast Internet association (3 mbps). A remote Internet association isn't suggested 
Any webcam with 640 x 480 video pixel goals (Online Proctoring Service
Speakers associated with the PC 
A mouthpiece associated with the PC (consider a webcam with an inherent amplifier) 
Streak player, form 7 or higher 
Program similarity: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari 
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